5 Simple Tips on Your Business Blog

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5 Simple Tips on Your Business Blog

Here at Design by Sully, we not only just design gorgeous e-commerce websites but we give ongoing advice on how to keep improving your completed website. We regularly get asked about SEO and getting seen on search engines such as Google so I thought it might be good to do a blog about blogs.

Now we don’t always practice what we preach, and the only reason for this is that we simply do not always have the time to update our own content and blog as we are too busy helping our clients which is a good thing right?

When our clients initially discuss their new website design we get asked a lot about blogging and we absolutely always say YES! We understand this is new territory for some and can be a scary thought however we explain that it is good for many reasons, and incrediby useful for SEO and there is no reason to worry we are here to help every step of the way.

Here are just a 5 simple tips and reasons why having a blog on your website is pretty important:


Not every blog has to be business like. An idea is to give a personal touch and give your customers an insight into you as a person helping them to connect with you more, using “I” more than “We”. Remember- people buy from people!


Whilst it is good to add keywords that are relevant to your business and will most definitley help you get found on Google, your content also needs to flow and be easy to understand. Yes use Keywords but do not overdo it!


Remember to deliver rich, quality content. As much as a blog is good way for your customers to get to know you as a person the content needs to be consistent and relate to your business. A good mix of personal, business and informative and engaging. Also adding images, videos and graphics will all help.


When writing content for your blog, think about who you are aiming your business at using keywords that may interest your customers and geographically… for example local keywords are great to help search engines understand who your target audience is.


Make good use of your social networking Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google + are all good ways of networking and letting your followers and potential customer know about your business therefore improving your community and customer base. You can use these platforms to drive customers to your website creating more sales.

These are just the basics but we are happy to discuss in more detail how having a website, a blog and an awesome online presence can ultimately enhance and grow your business 🙂



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