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9th July 2015
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Back To The Future – Online Forums

Online Forums

Online Forums Are Coming Back

Back in the late 90’s and early 2,000’s you couldn’t move for people wanting to host online forums. As things moved along and the web became more communal with the launch of social networks, forums moved away from business pages to become independent communities.

I’m fairly active in quite a few forums related to web development, but it’s been well over 10  years since I actually put one on a website!

This has begun to change as individuals and businesses want to take control of their communities rather than playing by the rules of commercial giants like Facebook and community areas like online forums are now, suddenly, one of the most common features we’re asked about implementing into a web design.

In the past week we’ve been working on 2 new websites with their own forum, one of which will actually boast it’s own social network complete with news feeds, online friendships, groups, instant messaging and a boat load of more features all designed to bring people with common interests together.

Check out the forums on Grillo Designs and The Made By Me Company.

So, if you’ve thought of being the next Gumtree or Craigslist, wanted to run classified ads or an advice site – we can tell you. Forums are cool again.

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