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Web Design

We love making beautiful sites that improve our clients business. Browse our portfolio - then talk to us!

We're committed to making websites both beautiful and functional, and try really hard to effectively communicate with our clients at all stages of development and design so that they get an end product that accurately portrays their brand and personality!

As well as using only the latest web design code and technology like good nerds should, we're also very proud of the way we deal and bond with our customers during their project to make the whole experience great. If you pay any attention to our social media or blogs, you might see us refer to "Our new friends" when a client comes on board. We mean it!

Unlike other companies, we don't have a tiered price list where you pay extra for this or that bit, and our friendly, easy to read contract makes everything completely transparent. For the flat fee that you're quoted you get everything you want, and when the project is finished ALL the data is 100% yours forever. We'll even help out with ad hoc support as and when you might need it, just because we like being nice!

All of our clients get 100% free web hosting for 12 months and we throw in as many email accounts as you like. Bonus

Take a look at our portfolio and get in touch for a chat.

Our Portfolio

Our Startup Offer

Get a Facebook cover picture, a logo and business cards designed for your business all for just £50. Get in touch and we'll get started!

Graphic Design

Whether you're looking for a new logo, need graphics for an event, or just want your social media graphics prettying up, we'd love to help. Just some of what we do:

  • Logo's
  • Business Cards
  • Brochures Etc
  • Print & Digital Advertsing
  • Posters
  • Social Media Graphics

What you want to know is "Are you guys any good?" Take a look at our graphic design portfolio for the answer

View Graphics

SEO & Social Media

Fact: Google and Facebook own the world!

OK, so that's a lie - but they are pretty important

Find out how Design By Sully can help improve your search ranking and social media visibility with Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter, Google + and more.

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Web Hosting

Our approach to web hosting is to think of it like this:

Why charge extra for lots of little things that don't actually make any difference to our server costs? We think it's mean when other hosting providers do this, so here's what we do at Design By Sully

  • We'll let you have as many email accounts as you want totally free.
    Some companies charge over £100 per email account. Bogus
  • We include webmail as standard.
    Amaze balls
  • You can have unlimited storage
    No charge, ever. Awesome
  • You can have unlimited FTP accounts
  • Need more than 1 database?
    Have as many as you like!
  • Our web design customers get a years hosting FREE.
    Are we nice or what?

If you've got a massive website, get more than 100,000 visitors a month or do more than 100 transactions a day, you might need a VPS or dedicated server. We do those too, and of course our prices and service are amazing. Get in touch for info!


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Whether you want to talk web design or you just want a chat - get in touch with Design By Sully here.

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