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29th May 2015
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Old Coventrians RFC

Old Coventrians Rugby Club Website
Old Coventrians were founded in 1930 and are one of the oldest rugby clubs in Warwickshire – the home of rugby.

Like many rugby clubs, Old Coventrians had let their website become outdated, but unlike most clubs they realised that a modern website could improve efficiency, provide better communications with their members and the community at large and be a source of increased revenue.

We’re a member driven organisation and our duty is to those members. Our new website will fulfill our responsiblity to those members and make sure we’re providing the best possible functions, atmosphere and service to our rugby community.

Many clubs depend on third party websites such as Pitchero which offer no real club identity and a limited range of functions. Old Coventrians are now able to promote their own brand to their own community, run their own online club shop, and manage stock, finances and subscriptions independently and accurately through their state of the art website.