Teepees By Lulu & Weasel Part 2

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4th August 2015
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16th November 2015
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Teepees By Lulu & Weasel Part 2

Web Design For Teepees By Lulu and Weasel

This is a first for us!

We've never been asked to design a new website for an existing customer before, so when Sarah, owner of Teepees by Lulu & Weasel called and asked us to redesign her site we didn't know whether to be happy or upset!

She'd decided that her current site might be aimed more at kids rather than the people actually using the site - parents - and wanted to change to a more sophisticated, grown up look.

The products that Sarah makes are really beautiful. We can testify to that first hand because our 6 year old has one of her teepees and loves it. The website needed to be a real showcase for her work

As you can see from the photo to the left - sent in by one of Sarah's customers - the teepees are a real hit. This lucky little girl is definitely happy with hers!

Head over to the website and have a look!

Teepees By Lulu & Weasel